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Gantries & Flyover Panels

Gantries & Flyover Panels

Billboards which are fixed to an overhead structure and span a road are known as gantry billboards. A double-sided gantry billboard provides advertisers the option of communicating their brand message to either side of the traffic. The size, prominence and location of gantries make for impactful viewing for those who are part of the vehicular as well as pedestrian traffic.

Print Media
India remains one of the strongest print media platforms in the world with its expanding readerships, wide appeal and variety of languages. If you are looking for wide reach, an educated target audience, and quick buzz, you might want to look at our variety of print media platforms that include newspapers, magazines and other periodicals in English, Hindi and a variety of other regional languages at truly competitive rates Pan-India. Even as other newer mediums make their presence felt, print media continues to enjoy a place of trust and reliability among readers as well as advertisers that makes it an inseparable part of every media mix advertising plan. We are happy to serve you with our print media packages 24X7. Our a-decade experience and superior knowledge of this medium helps us give you the best.